RIKEN Center for Computational Science

OVERVIEW 計算科学研究機構とは

About Us

To create a bright future we need to solve many global problems. For this, not only must we rely on the industrial innovation we have developed over the years, we also need to gather ideas from all over the world and find the best way to solve global problems quickly and efficiently.

Research must be carried out to scientifically evaluate the causes of these problems and reproduce them on the computer in order to find solutions. This activity, the science of forecasting, is not possible without simulations using a supercomputer.

Our top-class supercomputer will be used to resolve challenging issues and achieve scientific and technological breakthroughs which will help strengthen the industrial base. We will make a contribution by helping to solve problems common to humanity. The K computer will play an important role in creating our future.


Basic Concepts

AICS aims to establish the science of forecasting based on computer simulation. To this end, AICS dose the following:

  • Manage the operations of the K computer and maintain a user-friendly environment.
  • Generate cutting-edge scientific results and technological breakthroughs by promoting collaborations and the integration of computational and computer science as an international center of excellence.
  • Develop the post-K supercomputer and application software for it based on a roadmap for the future of computational science.